Pongsin(ポンシン)さん / Bangkok, Thailand

I am not surprised that Professor Hayashi has created a website called “Recommendations for Learning Tokuji Hayashi” because that is the subject of his expertise. This website introduces education, society, research, international exchange and cooperation activities. Moreover, it presents his friends around the world. What he is doing this time was superior to his normal teaching, because he is creating a learning community by allowing his friends to use the space on the website linking to other friends of his. This way, he creates the Hayashi’s circle of friends, which each one is very different and worth to learn more. I have to thank Professor Hayashi for allowing me to participate in this circuit. Without further a due, I would like to introduce myself that my name is Pongsin Viseshsiri. I used to work as a lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Administration, Chulalongkorn University. During that time, I had the privilege to read Prof. Hayashi’s doctoral thesis, which was of great value. Besides, when I was in charge of the Educational Administration Department at Chulalongkorn, I worked closely to him while he was a visiting professor. Being his colleague, I found that Prof. Hayashi was an academician and an avid activist in developing the learning community. As I retired from Chulalongkorn University and currently working as a Director of the Doctorate Program at the Eastern Asia University, I still confirm that Prof. Hayashi remains his talent and enjoys working with people from different walk of life. It is my pleasure to get to know him and be a part of his circle of friends.