Nong(ノン)さん / Phuket, Thailand

nong and wife

Nong and his wife

shop i46

His shop “i46”

Hello my name is Nong. I’m Phuketian. I‘ve known Professor Hayashi from my Japanese friend. My ancestor from China Fujian. I’m the fifth generation from China and was born in Phuket.

I used to be Japanese touist guide worked at JTB Phuket more than ten yeas.

And quit a job after I have my daughter name Ai. Then start a business at my old Chinese shophouse at old Phuket town. Service customer from local souvenir and traditional desserts.

In second part of this Chinese shophouse have beautiful courtyard and see sky inside house because my house long 70 metres and tell the story about tin mining in Phuket back to 80 years. My great grandfather  own tin mining company. And you can see our pictures  on my facebook as ” i46oldtown ” or our website ” “.

Thank you very much for let’s me introducing myself.



私の家は、Phuket Old Townにある伝統的な古い家で、長さ70メートルある美しい吹き抜けの中庭があり、古い井戸があります。そこで、土産店と博物館として家を公開しています。プーケットの80年にわたる鈴採掘の説明、私の家族の歴史の説明、プーケットの伝統的なお菓子と飲み物をサービスしています。

daughter Ai

Daughter “Ai”

his family