Eric Zulaybar(エリック)さん / Vancouver, Canada

Name: Eric Zulaybar
Citizenship: Filipino-Canadian
Residence: Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Occupation: Manager, Information Technology
Hobby: Electronic Gadgets, Audio Visuals/Graphic Presentation, Carpentry, Cars, Watching movies

I met Prof. Tokuji Hayashi in the Philippines when I was working at Colombo Staff College, a non-profit organization located in Pasig, Metro Manila Philippines. I was working in the organization as a Computer Technician assisting the Australian Professor Dr. Terry Lane. During my stay in the organization, I met Prof. Tokuji Hayashi when he visited CPSC as a consultant. I was asked by the Director of Administration if I could accompany Prof. Hayashi in visiting different places in Manila.I didn’t know the reason why we got along easily. Maybe because we have the same personality.

He invited me to visit Japan as an International Student so that he could show me the different technology since he knows that I like electronics. When I went to Japan, our friendship became stronger. He even invited me to sleep in his house and I got to meet his family. It was a good one-night stay in his house. Unfortunately, I had to go back to Philippines to prepare migrating to Canada. When I submitted my resignation, the CPSC Director asked me if I could stay for a while because the Prof. Hayashi and his other Japanese colleagues would be arriving and it’s not that good that they wouldn’t see me after sending me to Japan. I’ve waited for them until my Canadian Visa almost expired because I wanted Prof Hayashi to enjoy his visit in Manila.

December 27, 1994 was when I migrated to Canada as a permanent resident to find a greener pasture. I guess I made a good decision since it change my life. He visited me twice and the last time was February 21, 2016 when he visited me with his wife and nephew. It’s the feeling of a long-lost friend who saw each other again after a decade. I cannot express my happiness when I picked them up from his hotel. I gave him a tour to different places in Vancouver, BC. I was sad when they left because I knew it would take years again before we could see each other again.

I wish I can find time soon to visit them in Japan. I know even though we don’t see each other often, our friendship will remain forever.

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